Three Fuel Storage Facilities To Be Constructed

In the midst of the short supply of fuel, the government is planning to extend the fuel storage facilities in different parts of the country. Storage facilities are to be constructed at Panchkhal in Kavre, Trishuli in Nuwakot and Khaireni in Tanahun.

Source: The Kathmandu Post
Source: The Kathmandu PostFue

Secretary at the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies Shiva Prasad Tripathi revealed that the Chinese government has been approached for constructing the fuel storage facilities having the storage capacity of six thousand kilolitres of petrol.

Storage facilities will be provided for both petrol diesel.  Each with the capacity of 1,000 kilolitres would also be constructed at these places with assistance from the Chinese government.

The Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs have already forwarded the proposal to this effect at the request of the Supplies Ministry.

Currently only 71,569 kilolitres petrol, diesel and aviation fuel is stored in the country. There is no provision for the storage of kerosene and LPG on a large scale. The present storage capacity for petrol is such that it can store the fuel that will last for a week, that of diesel for 15 days and that of aviation fuel 10 days.


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