Travel Beauty Bag Must-Haves

As the holiday season is fast approaching, most of the girls tend get confused  about what cosmetics to carry in their travel beauty bag for their holiday. If you are going away and don’t know what to cosmetics to take then don’t panic. Here are the list of products you should take them with you wherever you are travelling. Basically you need to take products for your face, body, hair and lips which will make you look glamorous day or night. The key point is “Travel light and ofcourse look glamorous”.

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Foundation – Foundation is must have to make your skin look flawless.
Pocket sized pallette – small pocket sized pallette which consists of both eyeshadow, lip glosses and blush saves space and makes you look beautiful.
Kohl/Mascara – Mascara and kohl to make ur eyes look prettier.
Cleansing Wipes – Take cleansing wipes to remove the make-up instead of bottle of Cleansing Milk.
Sunscreen lotion – to prevent from sunburns. Its always good to carry sunscreen with SPF 15 and above.
Lip blam – Lip blam can be used as a lipgloss on top of lipstick and it also gets you rid of chapped/dry lips.
Body wash – take a small bottle of body wash to cleanse your body.
Moisturiser – all-in-one moisturiser can be used for both face and body. Moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated no matter what the weather is like.
Shampoo/conditioner – a small size bottle of shampoo and conditioner is a must have to make your hair look glowing and healthy.
Brush – a good hair brush is a must have.
Perfumes – carry sample perfumes instead of big bottles.
Goodluck Packing and Happy Holidays!!

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