Uges Limbu’s ‘Dil Ki Baatein’

Normal Academic rocker Uges Limbu continues his musical venture in Hindi language. Uges aka Zaibo has released a fresh offering in the form of “Dil Ki Baatein”. Written and composed by the singer himself, the mellow love song has its music video out which has been directed by Uges too. If you’re feeling romantic lately, then the video comes highly recommended.

While his original work has already seen the light of day, Uges will soon be releasing a music video for a cover song- ‘Roots Radicals’ by Rancid- the band he grew up listening to and considers as his heroes. In his own words, “The song is entirely dedicated to everyone who supports me whether they would like the song or not.” The visual is scheduled to go public in January, 2013 and the song will be acoustic.

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Watch the video for Dil Ki Baatein – UGES LIMBU

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