Walk For Nepal Dallas on October 20, 2012

Walk for Nepal

“We walk to engage communities across the world to bring positive social change in Nepal. We walk together. We walk for social causes. We walk for Nepal.”

Walk for Nepal (WFN) is a common platform for organizing walkathons in the major cities worldwide to mobilize individuals and organizations interested in the socio-economic development of Nepal. The first Walk for Nepal event was held last year in Boston, MA, and was a huge success. It helped set the stage for this year’s walk in three cities here in the US -Dallas, New York, and Boston. More than a dozen NGOs serving different causes will be participating in the walkathons. This year, WFN-Dallas is supporting Animal Nepal, Ghar Sita Mutu, Aama ko Ghar, Early Children Development Center (ECDC), and Nepalese Children’s Education Fund (NCEF).

With the fast growing population of Nepalese in the United States and around the world, the potential for helping Nepal is growing as well. In addition to charity, this event will serve to increase awareness and collaboration among different organizations for new possibilities. Nepal ko Yuva (NKY) will administer all Walks and act as a liaison between local teams organizing WFN and the NGOs in Nepal.

You can help in two ways. One, you can register for the walk and then raise money by asking your family, friends, and colleagues to sponsor you. Two, if you want to be part of this movement but cannot attend in person, you can join the movement by sponsoring a walker who is walking for a charity that you want to support. Your sponsorship will go directly towards the charity organization of your interest. In addition, you can always spread the words and awareness about the walk and help bring people together.

For the business owners, it is a good opportunity to express your support by sponsoring stalls, logistics and other items needed for the event. There are volunteering opportunities for all those who want to get involved. Since we are expecting around 750 attendees, we need volunteers to help throughout the event.

The goal of this event is simple and genuine – it hopes to change the attitudes of Nepalese for the better. WFN will be organized in many cities every year. After the Walk, we want to see lots of positive changes among ourselves. We want different individuals and groups to come up with their own projects that will help create sound environment to live and to thrive in Nepal. We want to see different Nepalese groups, organizations, businesses, and individuals come together as one and to be a part of this movement to help our country be better than before.

Different cities have different dates for the walk. Dallas is holding the walk on October 20, 2012 at the Bachman Park, Picnic Site (2750 Bachman Dr, Dallas, TX, 75220). Besides the 5k-Walk, the event will showcase concerts, food stalls, face painting, and kite festival.

Thousands of us live here in Dallas, Texas. Every day we talk about helping Nepal one way or other. We blame others for things gone wrong. Now we have an opportunity to do something for our country and prove ourselves. Let us all come together and help this cause.

For further information, visit www.walkfornepal.org. Follow us on www.facebook.com/WalkForNepalDallas, or tweet us at WFNDallas.

Walk for Nepal-Dallas Team

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