Walk For Respect, No To Sexual Harassment

Inspired from the global Slutwalk Movement, Walk For Respect was organised on April 28, Saturday. The rally started from RNAC, New Road and ended at Kathmandu Durbar Square en route  Tundikhel ground rounding.

The walk was solely initiated to protest eve teasing and sexual harassment. Although the issues are mostly inclined towards women, it wasn’t a feminist walk rather a joint movement against social evils for which many have fallen victim, regardless of the gender. Everyday, mostly girls and women are tormented physically or mentally either by words or deceitful action when they’re walking down the road or taking a public transportation. It is now time to eradicate this problem from the face of the earth.

This cause is in support of all those uniting against this violation of human rights. Joining Walk For Respect were also a handful of famous personalities including actor Sunil Thapa and veteran singer Om Bikram Bista.

Taking into consideration how recent rallies have been hampering the heavy traffic, the walk took place peacefully only on the footpaths.




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