Website of the week – GasBuddy

gasbuddySummer’s here and the price at the pumps are going up again. If you are willing to save few extra pennies next time you fill up your car; this is the site for you. GasBuddy has real time gas prices from across the United States (also available in Canada now). The prices are posted on the site by thousands of voluteer users everyday. With the price of gas changing every day and varying by up to 50 cents from one station to another, staying informed about the ongoing price among the gas stations around you can be very helpful when it comes to saving some money. And don’t forget each dollar saved is a dollar earned.


All you got to do is log on to the site GasBuddy and enter your city, state or just zip code and -voila!- it brings up the gas prices at nearby stations along with address, link to map and the spotted time. It is very handy and useful. No wonder it topped the TIME magazine’s top 100 sites for 2008. There is a mobile version also available to check the prices from your mobile device – Happy Saving!


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