Website of the Week – Mint

mint – This weeks’s featured website is one of the most popular budget planning and financial management websites available and the best part is – it is totally free to use. The website lets you add all your bank accounts, credit cards accounts, loan accounts and even investment accounts and manage them online all from a click of your mouse button. All you have to do is open up a free account and add your accounts with username and password and leave the rest. In a very short time you will get a summary of all of your accounts with your total income, expenditure, debt all summarized in a single page. Each transactions are shown with details like the date, merchant and amount as well, so you can quickly go and check all the details. It then summarizes your transactions by labels and merchants so you can easily see how much you are spending on what and where.

The website then lets you summarize your account details by week, month and even year to see how you are doing on the money-world. It is very useful to plan your budget and get an idea of your spending habits. Moreover it also has alert services where you can set alerts to be sent to your email or phone (via sms) about your account summary, balance, bills due dates, etc. Never miss out on your next payment due date. It also compares your credit card interest rates with other available credit card offers and recommends you to apply for new cards with better offer if any available. So make the most out of this great service and stay on top of your budget and financial management.

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