‘Where Was Buddha Born?’ Spain: ‘Nepal’

It’s always been a sort of a struggle for us Nepalese to let the world know about the fact that Buddha was born in Nepal. But thanks to various activities and initiatives taken by some of our fellow Nepalese, the truth is slowly spreading far and wide. The video below can be taken as a proof. The clip is an episode of a supposedly popular Spanish program ‘Pasapalabra’ in which participants are being asked questions related to Buddha. And what a lady participant, who is said to be a Spanish actress, says at the end of the video is quite interesting , “Nepal…I’m so sorry… Forgive me…” At first, I was confused why she said so but then looking at her expression, I figured she was probably embarrassed she didn’t know where Buddha was actually born. Then later, she brushes off her embarrassment by joking, “Nobody… Nobody from Nepal gonna put this video on YouTube…Hahaha.” Too bad for her, here we are watching and sharing the clip 🙂 😛

Note: In no offence to any party, concerned or not.

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