Youtuber Interrupted The GER vs ARG Final Match

Without a doubt, there were a lot of thrilling moments, in Sunday’s World Cup finals between Germany and Argentina, Germany’s Mario Götze scoring the stunning winning goal and Rihanna partying with the winning boys of the German team being some of the highlights. And then there was a really beautiful shot of Rio’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statute with the setting sun in the background shown for a bit longer than necessary.

Why do you ask? Because Russian comedian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy streaked onto the field in tight soccer shorts and a red shirt pulled behind his head for a few minutes and interrupted the game by blowing kisses at the crowd and trying to smooch German player Benedikt Höwedes. With “natural born prankster” written across his chest and belly in black marker, neither Zdorovetskiy nor his stunt were shown on the broadcast.

Source: Twitter
The streaker, a famous youtuber, tries to kiss Benedikt Höwedes/Source: Twitter

But, thanks to basketball star LeBron James, who posted a video of the moment on Instagram, we can see the whole thing.

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