1,300 chickens destroyed

Around 1,300 chickens and 200 ducks at Manohara Landless Squatters´ Settlement have been destroyed on 29th November, Tuesday on the suspicion of bird flu.

A team of doctors from the Department of Health, Directorate of Animal Health, Division of Avian Influenza and Animal Rapid Response destroyed ducks and chicken by burying after killing with the use of poisonous substances.

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According to Senior Veterinary Doctor and In-charge of the Team Dr. Narayan Prasad Ghimire, the team destroyed the ducks and chicken after detection of bird flu in chicken of the area.

Five chicken of local Chandra Bahadur Tamang had died on November 10 and 30 chicken on November 11. The Bird Flu was suspected after the dead chickens were tested at the Central Veterinary Lab, Tripureswor.

Dr. Ghimire further said the bird flu was confirmed after the sample of the chicks was sent to London, the UK, for the lab test.  The chicken and ducks were destroyed today as per the government´s decision after the government received this information on Monday.

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