9th Handicraft Trade Fair

Over 150,000 people visited the 9th Handicraft Trade Fair in the five days since it kicked off on November 24 and concluded on Monday. The event was organized by the Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal (FHAN).

According to the organizers, the overall transaction during the fair was over Rs 50 million, almost 65 percent up compared to the last fair in 2009.

However, some stalls witnessed a drop in sales by 10-20 percent though the number of people visiting the stall was higher than the last fair. “We witnessed a fall in sales by 20 percent this time though our stall was crowded through out the fair,” said Deepak Kayastha, proprietor of Nyatapola Crafts in Bhaktapur.

Puskar Man Shakya, former president and coordinator of the fair, said transaction during the event rose sharply thanks to participation of foreign companies and variety of products. Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattrai and foreign diplomats were among the VIPS who visited the fair.

Bikash Ratna Dhakhwa, president of FHAN, said the fair would be organized every year. He also declared that trade fairs will be organized in district and zonal levels to promote local products and boost local business.

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“FHAN is working on One District, One Product theme so that we can promote local handicrafts in both national and international markets,” said Dhakhwa.

On the occasion, awards and certificates were distributed to deserving participants.

Lalitpur Handicraft Association won the Best Pavilion Awards, Palpa Handicraft Industry walked away with the Best District Association Award, and Sundar Banjade won the Best Artist Pauva Award. Similarly, Siddhant Shakya and Sabin Bhatta were declared winners of the Best Artist Silver Jewelry Award and the Best Artist Paper Award respectively.

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