59 Percent of Doti Women Infected With Various STDs

A recent study has shown a devastating result that 59 percent of women in Doti have been infected with various kinds of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The district’s branch of the Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) stated in its annual report for 2016 that the number of women living with STDs has been increasing every year. The prevalent trend of labor migration to India among men has been attributed as the cause of such alarming health condition of women in the rural district. The study further suggests that husbands of the women are major transmitter of such diseases.

Source: Republica

Out of the 1344 women who received health checkup services from health camps and centers, 782 were found to be infected with various STDs. The data was collected from health camps set up in Bajhkakani, Saraswatinagar, Gairagaun, Daud, Kalikasthan, Dahakalikasthan and Mudegaun VDCs of the district as well as through check up services in its clinics stationed in several villages.

FPAN Doti Manager Chetraj Fulara stated that despite similar findings being made three years ago, nothing substantial had been done to address it. Hence, more and more women are being infected with STDs every year.

Fulara went on to cite lack of health awareness and facilities as the contributing factors of the poor health status of women in rural districts like Doti. Other than that, he also mentioned that lack of facilities and environment where women could openly discuss their sexual problems were restricting women from rural areas to share their health concerns.

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