A Month after Fulfilling His Last Wish, 106 Year Old Breathed His Last

Mr. Bote Rai breathed his last on the 25th of September, at the ripe old age of 106. Although it is sad that he is no more, on the brighter side, he lived longer than most people and even managed to catch the attention of national and international media due to his adventurous streak.

Photo courtesy – Priyanka Gurung
Photo courtesy – Priyanka Gurung

Although not in very good health, he had said he didn’t want any medications and instead expressed his desire to fly in an airplane. He didn’t think he would live much longer and wanted to fulfill his last wish. Following the media attention he got, Yeti Airlines was generous enough to take him on his maiden flight. (Read more about it here) After thoroughly enjoying the experience, he reportedly said “Ramailo bhayo! Ramailo bhayo!” (translation: “Had fun! Had fun!”) to media persons waiting for him, as he stepped out of the plane. After a brief tour of Kathmandu, he was happy and content as he returned back home.

Mr. Rai married thrice in his lifetime and had more than a dozen children. However his nephews and nieces had been taking care of him during the latter end of his life.

He was suffering from many ailments and finally took his last breath at his residence in Dhankuta.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.


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