Sign the Petition to Help Nepalese Migrant Workers in Qatar

The video posted by “The Guardian” on Youtube regarding the plight of Nepalese migrant workers in Qatar garnered the attention of people all over the world. The video brings to light the horrific details of their lives in Qatar in what can be called modern day slavery.

Slavery may have been abolished the world over years ago, but it still exists in different forms even today. Not being paid their salaries/ being paid too little, having to live in substandard and unhygienic housing conditions, having to work over time, not getting enough rest and being abused and mistreated by their employers are common complaints of migrant workers. Needless to say, this is inhumane and completely against Human Rights.

Given the ghastly living and working conditions the workers have to face, coupled with the extreme climatic conditions, it is no wonder that “This summer, Nepalese workers died at a rate of almost one a day in Qatar, many of them young men who had sudden heart attacks.” (Source: The Guardian)

The fact that 44 Nepalese workers died in Qatar between 4th June and 8th August at the rate of one a day is truly heartbreaking. If the plight of the workers has touched your heart and you want to do something about it then click on this link and sign the petition “End slavery of Nepalese migrant workers in Qatar!”

You have the chance to make your voice heard and the power to make a change. Please share it with your family and friends too, so that we can see some positive changes as soon as possible.

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