Arunima Lamsal welcomes a baby girl

Arunima Lamsal with her new born daughter
Arunima Lamsal with her new born daughter

Arunima Lamsal has become first time mommy!

The actress and husband Amrit Aryal welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday, 22nd Kartik at Thapathali’s Norvic Hospital at 7:45 PM. The newborn weighs 2.1kgs and both the mother and the child are said to be healthy.

Although Lamsal already knew the gender of her child, the delivery came as a surprise for the new parents. Doctor had actually given Mangsir 10th as the date of delivery but she was rushed to the hospital all of a sudden on Tuesday evening due to labour pain mentioned Kantipur Daily.

Daughter of actress Radha Lamsal, the silver screen beauty somehow doesn’t want her offspring to follow the same field of glamour. She actually wants to see the toddler grow up to be a sportsperson.

Lamsal joins the long list of actor/actresses to have a baby girl as their first child. Others includes Karishma Manandhar, Melina Manandhar, Mausami Malla, Jharana Thapa, Jal Shah, Puja Chand, Bina Budhathoki, Sushil Rayamajhi, Director Tulsi Ghimire, Sambhu Pradhan, Akash Adhikari, Shiva Shrestha, Dilip Rayamajhi and first actress of Nepali cinema Bhuwan Chand according to

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