Superstar Rajesh Out of Trouble!

Balkumari Adhikari (Right)
Balkumari Adhikari (Right). Photo: Republica

Silver screen hero Rajesh Hamal finally got the clean chit from the Hanumandhoka Metropolitan Police Range. A woman, who identified herself as Balkumari Adhikari, also a traffic police constable in Chitwan, had claimed that the superstar married her and is father of her three children.

After long discussions with the police and the woman’s brother, Hamal was cleared of the charges as the woman’s brother admitted with the police that she was mentally ill.

The woman’s brother, Dhakaram Adhikari presented the documents to prove her illness to the police and apologised to Hamal for all the trouble she caused.

Balkumari Adhikari has been sent to Police Hospital for treatment.

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