Barack and Michelle Obama Extend Their ‘Let Girls Learn’ Programme To Nepal


US President Barack Obama an the First Lady Michelle Obama announced that the US government will extend the “Let Girls Learn” programme in Nepal and Laos on Tuesday (September 6, 2016).

The announcement was made by the US President during his visit to Laos where he was attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit.

“I’m proud to announce that an initiative that’s very important to me and to my wife Michelle, an initiative called Let Girls Learn, is coming to Laos and Nepal,” read a release of President Obama’s speech issued by The White House. “None of our countries anywhere in the world can truly succeed unless our girls and our women have every opportunity to succeed, the same opportunities as boys and men do,” the release added.

The US First Lady confirmed the announcement, tweeting:
“Big news! Today, @POTUS a n n o u n c e d n e w #LetGirlsLearn programs in Laos & Nepal.”


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