Broadband World: Where is the fastest Internet?

Internet has grown exponentially in recent decades. There are now more than a billion active internet users around the world. The medium of connection for all of these users is not the same however. Some rely on dial-up while others have fast optical fiber connection. This chart shows a comparison of broadband internet speed advertised in different countries around the world. Japan leads with speed nearly equal to 100Mbps. That is 50 times faster than what I am using to write this blog. US is in the 19th place!

See how the graph grows. I wonder where would Nepal be on the chart?

Broadband World
Broadband World


[Via: BBC]

0 thoughts on “Broadband World: Where is the fastest Internet?”

  1. I believe Nepal will not be able to get in that chart coz the internet speed of Nepal can be use only in Kbps not in Mbps.

    I don’t know how many decades we have to wait to see the internet speed in Mbps.

  2. I ain’t worried much about Nepal in this matter Coz when America is doing so poor :))!…Still there is hope in the horizon for Nepal, we can make it happen,But besides this lot more to fix in our country.

    Any ways it was good to know where our internet speed stands here in America.

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