First Republic Day in Nepal: My thoughts

May 29, 2009 marks the first anniversary of the declaration of Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic. Various programs were organized around the nation to mark the first Republic Day. It was on May 29, 2008 when the first sitting of CA declared Nepal a Federal Republic abolishing the 240 years old monarchy.

To mark this day the government of Nepal declared the day as a public holiday. Various news agencies from Nepal reported organization of several programs like the army pavilion in Tudikhel. The President and other leaders gave speeches talking about national unity.

That is what happened in Nepal. What do we think, who live so far away from Nepal? The first thing to be honest – I didn’t even know it was the Republic day. Probably because of being out of touch from the country men for so long. I do not tend to read Nepali news much except for BBC Nepali Sewa. They all sound so boring. To me they all seem to be stories like cats-and-dogs all the time, which by the way reminds me of one of my favorite cartoon Tom and Jerry. Anyways it was nice to know that the youngest Federal Republic in the world is now one year old.

However not much has been achieved in the country. The very first objective of the CA election i.e. to draft the constitution of New Nepal is still incomplete. It reminds of court cases in Nepal, how they take years and years to be finalized. The political leaders in Nepal seem to be very influenced by the Indian-politics like the kind they show in Bollywood movies. Every single leader seems to be greedy for power and influence. I am so embarrassed to say I do not like a single Nepali politicians.

People when are you going to learn that you are indeed hurting your own motherland? When are you going to realize that it is not always about the money and power? When are you going to listen to that patriotic call from inside you, if you have any left? When can I say I am fan of such and such Nepali leader? Please wake up!

I know they (Nepali netas) are never going to read my blog or listen to my thoughts. But that’s not going to stop me from writing because I love my country to death and I cannot stand these people destroying its very existence every day.

Like we always say, at the end let’s hope for the best. I pray to the Lord – please give a wakening call to these Nepali netas and save our motherland.


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  1. This article created more hunger to find some news form Nepal and i kind of went through some of the online news medias …. N common thing i found was, that they were celebrating it in good passion though …..i saw the president, the vice precedent and the new PM having some fried chicken, shrimp …and some taco’s and what not lol May be not taco though ! that was just a joke.

    Any ways hope along with the celebration of republican day comes peace in days coming in!

    And thanks to Mukunda, it was good to know about the thing that i was unaware of 🙂

  2. Who cares whether it is First Republic Day of Nepal or not. What difference has brought it into our country? Always different kinds of strike, everything is out of stock and everything’s price has rise up than the top of MT. Everest.

    Nepal is now KHULA TANTRA.

    Do what ever you like. If a bus hit accidentally to person then it is WHEEL Strike (Chakka Jam). Even a bicycle is not allowed to ride on the road.

    If student is not treated well by the teacher then it is SCHOOL Strike (School Banda).

    Just add anything infront of the STRIKE then it is Strike. I mean real Strike. WTF

    I have never heard or seen others countries have strike.

    When I was a kind i used to think Strike is Holiday for School. And sometimes I used to wish to have more strike.


    There is no difference either Prachanda becomes Prime Minister or Koirala Baje or Madup Nepal. They all are real hungry wolf. Just fill up their and theirs (relatives) tommy and after everything is finish just give up (resign) from their post.

    They can’t see the real hungry Nepalese who are dying without food.

    Peace does not come by freeing White Peagon (Parewa). It is just a stupid saying by our ancestors that White Peagon will bring peace to the country by freeing them. WTF

    I just remembered when I was in School our Nepali Teacher told us one similar story.

    “Once there was priest who has a son and a dog at his home. Everyday when the priest used to go for his pray (Vajan) the dog used to follow him and disturb him while he is praying. So the next time before he went for his pray he put his dog inside a DOCO (Nepalese people use it as a carrying things inside it that is made of bamboo) and put a big rock on top of it so that the dog wont come out of it. This all was seen by his young son every day. So later the priest died then his son took his path and start to pray. Got a Dog, Coco and a big stone at home. And he followed the same thing what his father did. Put the Dog inside a DOCO and put that Big Rock on top of it and do the prayer.

    What the priest son thought that to do his Pray (VAJAN) it is required to have 1 Dog, 1 Doco and a 1 Big Stone at home. So then that followed by his son, grandson, grand grand son and then finally us.(I’m sorry guys whether I was able to make you understand coz It would be more easy to explain in Nepali than in English).

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