Celebration of Nepali Music-14th Annual Tuborg Image Award

An event to honour all Nepali music artistes, the 14th Annual Tuborg Image Award took place successfully on Saturday, October 6 at  Army Officers’ Club Hall, Sundhara.

The ultimate winner at the award ceremony was the song “Sabailai Jitne” by Shyamshwet Rasaily/Utkristha, which won in three categories among nominations — Best Composition of the Year, Best Music Arrangement of the Year and Best Song Recording of the Year.

Similarly, legendary singer Deep Shrestha won the Best Vocal Performance Male and Best Song of the Year for his song “Badal Haru”. However, Shrestha was not present to receive the awards.

Minister of Information and Communications, Raj Kishore Yadav, along with Rajendra Khetan, Executive Director of Khetan Group, presenting renowned lyricist Yadav Kharel with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Photo: courtesy Republica

Renowned lyricist, Yadav Kharel, was presented with the Image Lifetime Achievement Award. In his acceptance speech, Kharel acknowledged Image Channel and all his listeners and that he was grateful to those who respected art.

Meanwhile, the song Mitho Yaad took away the titles of Best Music Video Director and Best Music Video Cameraman.

Satya Raj Acharya and Sworup Raj Acharya, Jabeek, Milan Amatya, Deepak Bajracharya, and Babita Manandhar amongst many artistes who kept the audience entertained with wonderful live performances. The event came to a close with Mt 8848’s performing their hit song “Budeshkal ko lathi”.


Here’s the full winners’ list:

Best Vocal Performance Male

Deep Shrestha– Badal Haru Ho/Yatra 2

Best Vocal Performance Female

Sarita Shahi– Juga Bityo/Sufal

Best Album of the Year

Juni Juni – 2– Sanjeevani/Nilam Angbuhang Rai

Best Song of the Year

Badal Haru Ho– Deep Shrestha

Best Lyrics of the Year

Suk Bahadur Gurung–Maile Maya/ Mahasus

Best Composition of the Year

Ananda Rai–Sabailai Jitne/Utkristha

Best Vocal Performance Pop Male

Udesh Shrestha–Aashuko Thopa/Still Alive

Best Vocal Performance Pop Female

Milan Amatya–Jahile Samma/Milan

Best Vocal Performance by a Group or Duo

Navakranti–Priya/ Navakranti

Best Folk Song of the Year

Ukali Jyanko–Khuseniko Rai and Bhumiraj Rai/Bhet Bho Maya

Best Dohori Song of the Year

Yo Sansarko Rit–Ramji Khand and Muna Thapa/

Yo Sansarko Rit

Best Movie Soundtrack

Badhana Badha–Lochan Ghimire/Dhunwa Yo Nasha

Best Music Arrangement of the Year

Maharaj Thapa–Sabailai Jitne/Utkristha

Best Song Recording of the Year

Sabailai Jitne–Shyamshwet Rasaily/Utkristha

Best New Artiste of the Year

Santosh Gurung–Sunsan Rat/Memories

Best Song with National Feelings

Thulo Sano–Shiva Pariyar, Tek Tamang and Bhim Birag/Swadesh

Best Music Video

Yo Mann–Suman Kr Shrestha

Best Music Video Director

Prabin Shrestha–Mitho Yaad/Mokshya

Best Music Video Cameraman

Rabin-Bikash Shrestha☼–Mitho Yaad/Mokshya

Best Music Video Editor

Sushil Neupane–Jitera/Paila

Image Lifetime Achievement Award

Yadav Kharel

Image Public Choice

Khuseniko Rai and Bhumiraj Rai

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