Congested Seat Arrangement at SAARC Summit Venue

Despite the renovation of infrastructures being rushed in the capital, certain shortcomings have been noticed in the management of the seats for guests arriving in the country for the 18th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) at the Rastriya Sabha Griha or the City Hall where the Summit is set to be held.


The Peace, Security and Physical Management Study and Monitoring Sub-Committee formed under the coordination of lawmaker Bal Bahadur KC by Parliamentary International Relations and Labour Committee to study preparations for SAARC today made inspection tours at the Tribhuvan International Airport and the National Assembly Hall.

The team has concluded that the preparations at both the places are incomplete.

The arrangement of seats at the City Hall was found to be too narrow and congested not allowing another person to move in and out once an alternate seat is occupied which is sure to cause discomfort to the guests.


KC also pointed out that the works going on at the TIA and the City Hall are not yet complete.

“Works are still incomplete at TIA, the entrance point for guests and the City Hall which is the venue of the programme. Although the Chief Ceremony Committee has informed that the works will be complete by 11 November, it is yet to reach completion,” KC claimed.

He further said that all should be alert towards any weaknesses as preparations for SAARC is a matter of dignity and pride for the country.

The garbage dumped near the TIA is still not being cleared.

Most of the seats at the Immigration Department for employees are still empty while the employees have not complied with the government´s new dress code.

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