CPN-UML Sarlahi Leader Ram Naresh Raya Yadav Found Murdered

CPN-UML Sarlahi District Committee leader Ram Naresh Raya Yadav was found dead at Hempur VDC of Sarlahi district on Tuesday morning (December 29, 2015). Yadav’s body was discovered in a sugarcane field. An unidentified group is said to have hacked him to death using sharp weapons according to the District Police Office, Sarlahi.

Yadav, who was in his late 50s, was reportedly targeted when he was on morning walk.

CPN-UML Sarlahi District Committee leader Ram Naresh Raye Yadav Murdered

The ruling CPN-UML has condemned the murder of Yadav. In a statement, issued by the party, General secretary of CPN-UML Ishwar Pokharel appealed to the government to leave no stone unturned to arrest and book the ones behind the heinous murder. It also stated that Yadav was active in the party’s campaign to eliminate false propaganda against the national unity and the recently promulgated constitution.


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