Earthquake In Kathmandu

An earthquake just hit Kathmandu at about 6:30pm, Sunday. An initial mini shake was followed by an alarming tremor.

The earthquake measured 6.8 on Richter Scale with epicentre in border region of Taplegunj and Sikkim — according to the National Seismologic Centre (NSC) in Kathmandu.

Traffic on the roads came to a standstill briefly as terrified residents and office goers poured out into the streets.

Mobile networks were jammed as anxious people frantically tried to call their loved ones.  The tremor was felt in most of the parts of the country.

5 dead, 44 injured

According to latest reports from Republica, five persons were killed and 44 injured by the earthquake. Three people were killed in Kathmandu when the wall of the British Embassy collapsed and two died in Fusre, Dharan due to a house collapsing. According to, police reported that one person has been injured after a wall collapsed at British Gorkha Pension Campus situated near Sorhakhutte height.

The three deceased have been identified as Sajan Shrestha, 36, his 8-year-old daughter Anisha and Bir Bahadur Majhi, 19. The two killed in Dharan have been identified as Santosh Paruyar, 33, and Bimal Pariyar, 7.

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  1. A wall of the British embassy just crumbled, three people injured. Well its been over 20 minutes and it hasn’t come back, thank goodness! That was terrifying!

  2. OH my GOD!!! I havent experienced such type of biggest earthquake in my life.It almost shook us for 30 seconds.I am still afraid of it.I cant sleep todays night.kathmandu is the 11th city in the world which will be greatly affected by earthquake.God bless us all.

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