Double Decker In KTM?!

In a bid to reduce traffic congestion in the capital, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is planning to introduce double decker buses in the capital. The KMC says it has already started necessary preparations for bringing such vehicles into operation.

The KMC´s move comes in response to the suggestion of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division of Kathmandu (MTPD). The MTPD has been facing difficulty managing traffic congestion during the peak hours.


“We have given various suggestions to tackle the ongoing traffic problem, including the concept of double decker vehicles, which can carry more passengers,” said MTPD Spokesperson Jaget Shrestha.

Shrestha said the MTPD has also suggested the KMC to bring an Act which can help displace old and small public vehicles operating in the capital.

“The problems cannot be reduced without displacing small public vehicles which are operating in capital,” he added. The MTPD has also requested the KMC to build overhead bridges, railings and footpaths.

“We have been holding discussions with the traffic police on introducing double decker bus service,” said Ganesh Rai, executive director of KMC.

He said that the KMC has already published a public notice asking the authorities concerned to remove roadside wires within a month. “The wires of the electricity, cables and telephone would pose a major hurdle in operating double decker buses in the capital,” he said.

The KMC will coordinate with the private sector to operate the vehicles. After the terms and condition are finalized, the office will start the bidding process.

“Sajha Yatayat and Trolly bus services failed to provide effective services, so we decided to introduce the service,” he added.

The KMC has also sped up its preparation to operate night-time bus services. Hundreds of people in the metropolis are facing difficulties in the absence of night-time public transport services.

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