Ani Choying’s Autobiography

We know Ani Choying Dolma as the “singing nun” responsible for the hit “Phoolko Ankha Ma” and now we will soon get to know what story lies behind her life.  The Nepali edition of her autobiography “Phoolko Ankha Ma” is being published by Nepa~laya.

The book tells the tale of Dolma’s struggle as a refugee child growing up in Kathmandu. Readers will have an insight on the heart-rending story of her childhood and her decision to become a nun.  Ani Choying learnt to be self-reliant, and was motivated to take up the challenges of life, and to help others like her from a very young age. Hence, from her memoir, one can learn that troubled childhood is not the end of the world, but can open new horizons in life.

“Phoolko Ankhama” was originally published in French in 2008 by Oh! Editions. French writer, Laurence Debril collaborated with Ani Choying in structuring the story. Since then, the book has been printed in 12 languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Slovenian and Hungarian.

Upon the book coming out in Nepali, Ani Choying expresses her immense joy. She is contributing all the proceeds from the sale of her book to the welfare of kidney patients in Nepal.

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