Nepali students at St. Cloud State Universtiy build electric scooter

Nepali Students at St Cloud build and electric scooter
Milan Thapa (left) and Benam Shrestha with the scooter they designed and manufactured. Photo Courtesy:
September 14 – Three Nepali undergraduate students at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota have designed and manufactured a battery-operated foldable electric scooter according to the news released by the university today.

Prabal Dangol, Benam Shrestha and Milan Thapa designed the scooter for engineers and technicians at Xcel Energy who will be using it to inspect their 6 to 7 feet diameter concrete tubes used for drainage system.

The scooter has a 10-hour battery life, can hold upto 300 pounds and is also equipped with a lamp.

The three students designed and developed the scooter under the supervision of Yongli Zhao, an assistant professor in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering department at the university.

Professor Zhao was quoted saying – “The students did everything from scratch. They designed, drew mechanical drawings and then manufactured this scooter. It was a nine-month-long project, which started in September 2010 and was completed in May 2011.”


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  1. I am always pleased to hear about the achievement of Neplease students outside Nepal.This news has makes us proud.Continue your hard work friends!!!After all Neplease are progressing much now a days.I am happy with that.I have one quiery.”when i will be able to ride similar types of bike on the road of kathmandu?”

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