First Nepal Day Parade Observed In New York

Source: Republica
Source: Republica

The Nepali society in New York has observed a Nepal Day Parade on Sunday (May 22, 2016) to mark the Republic Day of Nepal.

Several Nepali migrants gathered on the streets of New York to celebrate the Nepal Day Parade also singing patriotic songs like Yo Nepali Shira Uchali and Reshan Firiri.

The general objective of the parade held for the first time ever was to introduce the cultural pride of Nepal and Nepalese Americans amongst the diverse communities of immigrants in the City of New York. The specific objective was to promote trade and tourism of Nepal, and to help Nepalese Americans to intermingle in the mainstreaming process in the United States.

Almost 5,000 Nepalese, clad in their traditional ethnic attire and accompanied by their cultural music and dance, participated in the parade.

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