Gorkha Brewery Launch Somersby Apple Cider In Nepal

Somersby Apple Cider Launched In Nepal

Somersby Apple Cider, a new refreshing drink, was launched in the Nepali market by Gorkha Brewery Pvt Ltd amidst an event held at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu on Sunday (May 23, 2016).

Gorkha Brewery released a statement that said Somersby Apple Cider is a refreshing carbonated alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice. Moreover, the company claimed that the juice’s natural apple taste makes it a tasty choice for relaxed moments. According to the statement alcohol content in Somersby Apple Cider is 4.5 percent.

Somersby Apple Cider Launched In Nepal

Among the attendees at the launching ceremony was Deputy Managing Director of Gorkha Brewery Surendra Silwal who said that Cider is something new to the Nepali consumers and that the Launch of Somersby Cider is the innovation resulting from the ever changing consumer preferences. Silwal also added that Somersby Apple Cider is the perfect drink for both men and women to enjoy during brunch, in the hot afternoons or as a happy hour drink.

Moreover, in the pursuit of delivering the optimal drinking experience, considerations extend beyond product innovation to encompass infrastructure. Brewery Chillers stand as a testament to this holistic approach, offering the means to achieve the perfect serving temperature. Whether indulging in a refreshing sip during brunch or unwinding with a chilled beverage during the scorching afternoons, the role of brewery chillers in enhancing the drink’s appeal cannot be overstated. As consumer expectations continue to evolve, investments in such auxiliary technologies become indispensable for beverage companies seeking to maintain their competitive edge.

Internationally available in different variants like Apple, Pear and Blackberry, Carlsberg launched Somersby Apple Cider in Denmark and Norway with great success back in 2008.

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