First Time TV Blog: “Nepali”

So much has been going on in the country, from political instability to commodity shortage crisis and what not. Caught amidst all these are Nepali citizens who’re almost helpless and having a hard time to live a normal life and earn their livelihood.  It is more than obvious that a positive change is desperately needed for all and it can done by first uniting together against all the problems. Hence making an effort to do so is “Nepali” – a TV blog.

“Nepali” is a television programme initiated by Y Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. According to presenter of the TV blog Yubakar Raj Karnikar, the show deals with all issues related to Nepali citizens. It talks about the broader scope of the Nepali identity and how these different identities connect us as people. He further adds the blog is a journey to discover the Nepali in us-through people, places, culture, language, food, music, emotions and daily activities.

There are places we haven’t been to or heard of and people whom we’ve never met yet there are feelings we share in common. That’s what is being portrayed in the TV blog.

“Nepali” premiered its broadcast on April 21st on Avenues Television. The show is broadcast on Saturdays 8:30am to 9am and its repeat telecast on Sundays 9:30pm-10pm.

Nepali TV Blog can be watched online from anywhere in the planet through our official YouTube page


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