Mother’s Day Celebrated

Nepali Hindus across the country observed Mother’s Day on Saturday by offering greetings, fruits, sweets and gifts to their mothers.

Also called Mata Tirtha Aunshi (Mother Pilgrimage fortnight), it falls in the month of Baishak dark fortnight (April/May).

This festival is observed in the commemoration of the mother or remembering mothers who have passed away. Those whose mother has passed away observe the Mother’s Day by going to the nearest holy water body and worship in the name of their deceased mother with offerings.

A huge carnival is held at Mata Tirtha in the western suburb of Kathmandu with thousands of people from capital Kathmandu and surrounding districts who have lost their mother thronging there for worship.

Previously, people especially from Newar communities and people living in the valley used to celebrate it. Now, this festival is being celebrated by widespread communities.


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