Free Twitter Browsing For Ncell Subscribers

Ncell announced launch of Twitter Zero – a new campaign – on Monday (May 26, 2014) which means Ncell customers can now browse Twitter for free! They will be able to send or read tweets, follow other people and see followers from mobile phones and computers without data charges.


The campaign, which is coming into effect from Tuesday, will continue for three months. There is no activation and service fee attached with the service.

The offer will allow subscribers to tweet their thoughts, read others´ comment or opinion, follow others and send messages to their followers by browsing for free.

Mobile users can enjoy the facility at

“Twitter Zero is our initiative to provide great value to our customers. It will empower our customers to express their thoughts and comment on others´ opinion, thereby bolstering their rights of freedom of expression,” said Sanju Koirala, corporate communication director of Ncell in a statement. Due to technical constraints, the facility of free browsing Twitter will not be available on Opera Mini and handsets using proxy browser. In other words, browsing Twitter through proxy browsers like Opera Mini will attract charges at prevailing rates. Similarly, if the customers browse multimedia files or external links in Twitter, they would leave the scope of Twitter Zero and will be notified in case they are browsing through mobile and charged at prevailing data tariff if they agreed to move to the other site. Such notification will not appear on computer as well, added the statement.

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