SSP Ramesh Kharel Removed As Chief of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range

Chief of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range, SSP Ramesh Kharel has been dragged under investigation by the headquarter. According to a source, as reported by Annapurna Post, the headquarter made a decision to remove SSP Kharel from his post in the afternoon on Monday (May 26, 2014).

He came under scrutiny after he reportedly accused the Deputy Inspector Generals (DIG) of knocking on ‘powerhouses with briefcase full of money’ to get them promoted to the Additional Inspector General position which has been lying vacant for past seven months. A three-member probe committee was assigned to investigate into the charges made by SSP Ramesh Kharel to his senior officials, on Sunday. The probe committee is led by DIG Bigyan Raj Sharma, with SSP Ramesh Kumar Pandey and SP Ganesh Bahadur Thapa as members of the committee.

SSP Kharel has been constantly dragged into controversy for his remarks, going against the chain of command of the police force. Kharel had previously been warned by the headquarters to refrain himself from speaking to the media.

Here’s the video of SSP Kharel Making Claims on Possible Corruption:

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