Ganga Maya Ends Hunger Strike After 360 Days (With Video)

Ganga Maya Adhikari, who was on a hunger strike for 360 days demanding action against the murderers of her son Krishna Prasad, ended hunger strike this evening after a five-point deal with the government.

Minister for Law Narahari Acharya broke Adhikari´s hunger strike by offering her Jeevanjal, Horlicks and glucose at Bir Hospital.


Ganga Maya´s husband Nanda Prasad Adhikari died on September 22 while in the hunger strike. As per the agreement, the last rites of Nanda Prasad would be performed in a dignified manner in presence of government.

Similarly, the government would take security responsibility of Ganga Maya and her son Nur Prasad, and would provide relief and would manage settlement and livelihood of the victim´s family.

As per the agreement, the accused involved in the murder of Adhikaris´ son Krishna Prasad would be produced in the court and the judicial process would be facilitated. On the occasion, Minister Acharya vowed to implement the agreement and expressed sorrow for failing to save the life of Nanda Prasad. RSS


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