Nepal Television Launches News Channel

Nepal Television (NTV), the only state-owned television in the country, has launched a news channel on Saturday morning.

According to General Manager Laxman Humagain, the new channel which has been on air from 5:45 am will broadcast national and international news and informative shows for six hours a day in the initial phase.

“We are planning to expand its broadcasting duration from 6 to 24 hours in future, said Mr Humagain.

According to him, the government is planning to transform NTV as public service broadcasting.

Similarly, Director at News Desk, Rajendra Dev Acharya, said that the new channel has been launched according to the main policy of the NTV.

The new channel is the third one run by NTV. Prior to this, NTV had launched NTV Plus channel in 2060 BS.

The primary channel of NTV that started its service since 2042 BS, enjoys around 70 per cent of the viewership (reach) in the country.

Since the previous two channels of NTV had been broadcasting news on hourly basis, the new channel is believed to enjoy a considerable viewership as it offers the viewers a pure news channel.

GM Humagain further explained, “The new news channel is launched with an aim to further consolidate citizen´s right to information.” RSS


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