GET $100 simply by opening a new bank account

100 Dollar cash bonusTimes are tough and everybody is trying to save every pennies they can. Well, how about earning an extra $100 just by opening a new bank account? Chase is offering $100 when you open a new Chase checking accounts.

Here is what you need to do – Visit this link. Enter a valid email address and receive a coupon on your email. Go to the nearby Chase branch and open a new Chase checking account and the coupon will be deposited to your account.

Of course there are some catches:

1. You have to deposit at least $100 to open the account.

2. The deposited amount must not come from another Chase account.

3. They want you to set up a direct deposit or make at least 5 Debit Card purchase withing 60 days of opening the account.

4. The account must be kept open for 6 months.

5. If direct deposit is not set up or the required debit card purchases not posted to account; they will take away your $100, the one you got from using the coupon.

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