Hawaijahaja [Music Video]

Nep-Yorkers Production has released the music video of Hawaijahaja, a song by Cornerstone. The New York-based Nepali band consists of four members (Vocal: Mukul Raj Rai, Jimbe: Prabhat Pathak, Lead Guitar: Phuntsog Sunuwar, Bass Guitar: Nawdeep Gurung).


Artist: Cornerstone

Record/Mix: Narayan Malla

Actors: Sushil Dewa Shrestha/Leena Subba

Editor/Director: Pracash Chhetri

Music video by A Nep-Yorkers Production.

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    1. bhujne lai gazal, nabujhne lai puzzle!! a very unique genre for nepali music. indeed a different level. and you aint understanding this music, i am sure must be puzzling for you.

    2. You didn’t had to send this message as unknown.. because its your choice and any critic is appreciated… THanks for watching the video…

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