Jharkine Kanchhi by Nisarga [Music Video]

Gangol Films have released the official music video for the song “Jharkine Kanchhi” by Dallas-based Nepali rock band Nisarga. With an interesting stop motion animation, this music video takes a different approach compared to general Nepali music videos. The presentation of the music video seems praiseworthy and clearly shows the hard work by entire team. This is the first music video presentation by Gangolfilms.

Music Video Credits

Director/DP/Editor: Srizan Gangol

Script Writer/Co-Director: Gaurav Sitaula

Production Manager: Manoz Chalise

Model: Jigyasa Aryal & “Notarman”

Jharkine Kanchi Song Credits

Lyrics- Rajan Koirala

Music- Nisarga

Recording: Gaurav Sitaula & Hemant Shrestha

Music Producer: Gaurav Sitaula

Special Thanks: JB Studio & Sushil Tiwari


Gaurav Sitaula- Lead Vocals/ Guitars

Prashant Gurung-Guitars/ Backing Vocals

Sandeep Rai- Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Manoz Chalise- Drums/ Percussion

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