Nepalese Indoor Sports Mela

Dear fellow Nepalese, Everest Sports and Entertainment has organized a gathering on the 15th of June, 2014. The primary purpose of this event is to bring the Nepalese community, in DFW vicinity, together through indoor sports. We are a non- profit organization. The event is mainly focused on the indoor games that are traditional Nepalese. This event is very special and first of its kind. It is going to be an inclusive family event. We also want to promote unity, friendship, culture, and introduce traditional sports to the younger generation and help them embrace our heritage. The event will be divided into two parts:

1) Sports: The entrance for this part of the event is free unless you are one of the participants. It only costs $20 per game per person to compete. You are more than welcome to compete in multiple games. Once the prize distribution will be over we will go to the next phase of the event.

2) Entertainments: There will be no cover charge for ladies for this part of the event and only $5.00 cover charge men which will be compensated by free first beverage of your choosing.

This phase will be further divided into two parts:

i) Bingo: You can purchase BINGO tickets ($5.00 per ticket) are varies places around DFW area (call the number on the flyer for more details). The second part is contingent upon the completion of the Bingo proceedings.

ii) Live DJ: As we all know, it cannot be a Nepalese night out without a little song and dance.

Drinks will be available throughout the day at the venue. We are already overwhelmed by the interest and response created by this event especially by the potential participants of FIFA. Therefore, please register before 10th June, 2014. Hope to see all then. Let’s make it peaceful, fun and a grand success.

sports mela

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