Nepal’s population is 26,620,809

Nepal Population ProfileNepal’s population is 26,620,809, according to the preliminary report of the National Population Census 2011 released on Tuesday by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

The report states that the annual growth of population in Nepal is 1.4 per cent which is a little less than what was found 10 years ago. In 2001, the population growth was 2.25 per cent.

The result revealed that the size of the household in Nepal has decreased from 5.44 in 2001 to 4.7 in 2011. It also shows that the absentee population increased to 1,917,903, more than double than in 2001.

The preliminary result reveals that the population of male and female in Nepal is 12,927,431 and 13,693,378 respectively.

The urban population constitutes about 17 percent of the total population.

The statistics indicate that Kathmandu district has the largest population followed by Morang. Manang constitutes the lowest population, according to the report.


Source: Republica

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