Not So Sweet Story Behind The Sweets

unhygenic-sweets-shops-kathmanduMithai and other sweet delicacies are not just food items for us. They’re also part of our rituals for various occasions. However, as frequent as we are in consuming them, we are not as familiar with the way they’re made at shops around Kathmandu. And helping us have a closer and better look at the latter is the local news channel News 24.

As shown on the show Power News, a team of News 24 reporters and authority personnel from the Department of Commerce had set out to inspect a number of well known sweet shops in the capital and what they discovered was completely outrageous and horrifying. The stores were busted for making their sweet products in the most unhygienic way possible.

The inspection revealed how spoiled and expired sweets were being reused to make a fresh batch, dead flies over them, and oil from unlabelled gallons without dates being used to make them in a surrounding where sewage wastewater was running. The authorities assume the mithai walas may have used the contaminated water to make the sweets. Such conducts are not only unethical but also highly hazardous to the health of public.

Another distressing part is that the stores, where such a shocking discovery was made, were the ones popular amongst consumers. Keshar Bhog of Naxal, New Road’s Rameshwore, Vishranti Sweet House at Maitidevi, Chautari of New Baneshwore, and Tirupati Sweets And Chaat at Shankhamul were among them.

The authorities have ordered the stores to shut down until they have improved their production process.

Here are the three part video series:

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