Before I begin with my post, here is the actual title of this week’s blog: Second Week of April. My previous title made you open this post though, didn’t it?

Yes, there is actually a reason why my blog is entitled “qwerty.doc” this week. Let’s be serious, here. How many of you guys have ever titled your word document “jshvdjskh”?

*raises hand* It’s okay. You’re not alone. We usually end up typing random gibberish because we can’t think up of a title. This is the same if you’re writing a book, writing an essay, or writing a research paper. The title is, definitely, one of the most important aspects of writing. When you’re scanning books to read, does your eye inflict on 1000 Ways To Quickly Write An Essay or perhaps 10 Smart and Simple Tips On Writing? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you’re finding out how to do something in an easier way, that you go search up a book that looks simple and sweet.

I know, I know. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s be real here, though. In the 21st century, we want the cover to eye-appealing. So, today, my mission is to make sure you have an easier time naming things.

The first thing you should consider while naming something is the main subject. If you’re writing an essay about a new book you just read that’s title Three Little Words, then your essay may be titled “Reflections on Three Little Words”. Simple? It really, really is.

Say you have no idea on what the title should be and you’re in a random need of a word. I’ve got two solutions. The first one I learned in fourth grade when we had a published author come and visit our elementary school. She told us to go to a magazine and find a word. This word could be the title, name of a character, setting, etc. For your convienience, let me go grab a magazine and turn to a random page. Here is what I’ve found on Page 25 of a random U.S. News magazine.

Title: Lunesta

Time: Morning

Motto: A great tomorrow start tonight.

Wondering what the page was about? Lunesta, the sleeping pill:) Of course, maybe opening up to a random page might give you weird results, but nevertheless it’s a good thing to pass time with. Next, another way to come up with a title is by googling “Random Word”. It works. Here’s the first website it came up with: http://watchout4snakes.com/creativitytools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx.

I am on that website. Okay, it’s asking me to list the word type and the complexity. Let’s go with… Adverb and Very Uncommon. What’s my random word? Drum roll…ANDANTINO! Now, tell me that you wouldn’t read a book with the title “Andantino.” They also have Random Sentence and Random Paragraph generators in this website if you ever need entertainment. Here are my sentences and paragraphs:

Sentence: A liquor deeds the algorithm across the touched slave.

Paragraph: Should the ranged award affect Susie? The tragedy blacks a dialect across the guiding triumph. Susie contours Bob. Why won’t Susie imprison Bob?

Hmm…quite fun. Now, if you’re writing a story and you need a name, you can find a name generator on this exact website! Let’s find a name…from the 1850 census (♪We can’t move forward, until you mail it back!♪), a female’s first name, atleast four letters, up to seven letters long, does not being with “F”, and ends with “A”. Here are the top 25 names:


Again, this website is: http://watchout4snakes.com/CreativityTools/Main/Main.aspx. If it isn’t helpful enough, there are 27,900,000 results for random word on Google. Hope all your “naming” endevours go perfect!

Word of the Week

Andantino (adv.)

1. slightly faster than andante —used as a direction in music.

Picture of the Week

Boulevard du Temple, taken by Louis Daguerre. This is the first ever photograph of a person/people. (They are along the sidewalk.)


April is Austism Month. Show your support for the cure of autism by wearing blue.


New movies that came out this past Friday were: Clash of the Titans, The Last Song, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?, The Greatest, Leaves of Grass, and The Warlords. If you’ve seen them, be sure to tell me if you liked them or not!

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