Samaya Ra Paristhiti – Short Movie

How often do we come to terms with ourselves? How often do we find time to stand and stare for a while? Do we even breathe a sigh of relief? How often have we asked ourselves if we really are happy? Is what you are doing what you always wanted to do? Do you notice the humming of birds anymore? Do you notice the cool breeze of wind kissing your cheeks as you walk by? Do you feel the selfless emotions anymore? Do you ever feel this that you are not being yourself but somebody you are ought to be? Do you live between the moments or are they the moments that handcuff you the way they want you to live? Are you happy with the countless compromised you make with your soul everyday? Do you realize how the time is slipping by and you and I are dancing to the the tunes of circumstances? Samaya Ra Paristhiti is all about this.

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