Second Week of December

Since Christmas season is so near, I thought I would amaze you guys with a little trick up my sleeve. Heard of the quote “Seeing is Believing”? What about the fact that sometimes you must believe in things, even though you can’t see them. Sometimes the only way to make something appear is by looking through your heart. For example (back to our Christmas debut) Santa Claus. We find solace in a big man with a burly red coat and nine trusty reindeers. Yet other times, our  eyes are the biggest trickers of them all.

So what else to bring you guys this week than optical illusions. Occording to, an optical illusion is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. How very true, that is. Sometimes you see a duck when the actual image also includes a bunny, other times a 2-D image looks so much like 3-D that you actual have an urge to poke at it. Optical illusions have a lot to do with being at the right place at right time, as this image so very well provides:

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Amusing and odd at the same time, optical illusions really give your head a spin. Here’s another one. This picture contains two animals. Before scrolling down for the answer, guess which two animals are being shown. (Hint: Doing a hand-stand could help.) (Another hint: one of the animals is a lion.)

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Confused? Don’t see another animal? Mighty Optical Illusions is here to help. They flipped the image for you, no cost at all!

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See the mouse? Well, it won’t get out of your head now! Sometimes, pictures can make you think. I bet the next picture I show you is completely legible. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself.

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Can’t read it? Stumped? Let me help you out:

Thanks to posters at for the answers.

Left page:





Right Page:





Baffled, right? Don’t worry. I was too. Here’s the final one. If you can’t read it at first, try stepping away from the computer screen. Go about ten feet away and try reading again. Keep backing up till you can read it.

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Tell me what it says in the comments!

Word of the Week

utopia (noun)

1. any visionary system of political or social perfection.

Fun Question

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

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  1. Nice!!

    I really liked the last one – “Chinese Food Festival”.. thank you so much for sharing.

    No, I don’t believe in Santa!! 😉

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