Selena Gomez tell her experience about Nepal Visit

In an interview with ABC News, she was quick to point out about her recent trip to Nepal, as a UNICEF Ambassador.

“It was beautiful. It was spiritual,” she said of the journey. “I never showered, ever, because I was in the field every day and it just felt like I was removed, completely, from my bubble that I live in,” she said. “And it was incredible.”

She finally understand differences between her needs, and those living in a developing country.

“I mean, I was visiting with children who were trying to beg their parents for a toilet,” Gomez recalled. “And we’re complaining we got to do stuff every day. That’s when you really understand and that was the best gift that I received. Because I consume all of this energy from the world essentially that is like a pressure and it’s a sense of focusing on certain things that are totally not what this world is about.”

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