Separate Stores To Sell Cigarette & Tobacco Products March 14 Onwards


In a bid to control and regulate the use of cigarettes and tobacco products, the government has introduced the provision of selling the nicotine products at separate stores from March 14, 2017. The proposal was approved by the Cabinet on Thursday (January 19, 2017) after five years of the Tobacco Product (Control and Regulatory) Act 2011.

The government has given the deadline of mid march for all the shops selling tobacco products to be registered at the concerned government agency and get the license from the Revenue Office.

As per the new law, tobacco products cannot be sold from retail shops and on the street. Ninety percent of all tobacco packaging space must have graphic warnings

60 percent of non-communicable diseases have found to be caused majorly by the tobacco products. Hence, in order to discourage this, the health ministry has implemented the new provision.

According to Health Minister Gagan Thapa, tobacco selling shops are required to put a message outside the store that can be clearly seen and read. The notice should also include that tobacco products will not be sold to persons below 18 years and pregnant women.

Preparations are being made to issue a notice regarding the new process of registration and licensing for the sale of tobacco products.

As per the law, legal action will be taken against the shopkeeper if the store is found not registered.

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