Soaring Above the Himalayas

I’m sure many people have experienced this while traveling abroad; when people ask you where you’re from and you say you’re from Nepal, people usually respond by saying, “Oh! The land of Mt. Everest!” Nepal is famous for its high peaks the world over and it is home to eight of the world’s ten highest peaks.  It is indeed a matter of great pride for us to be living in a country blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, which is unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.

The beauty and greatness of the Himalayas has left people wonderstruck since ancient times and it is also known as the abode of the gods. It is easy to understand why many people from all over the globe throng our country to climb the great peaks. There are many great personalities from our own country, who have scaled the treacherous peaks numerous times for the love of adventure. However, for the rest of us who do not want to risk our lives but at the same time, want to witness the legendary peaks at the closest range possible, one of the best alternatives is to go on a mountain flight.

Spring and Fall are the best seasons to go on a mountain flight as the weather is lovely and the skies are clear, resulting in minimum turbulence during the flight, as well as giving a picture perfect view of the mountain range. I had the privilege of going on a mountain flight on the 1st of this month and it was a truly memorable experience. It was exhilarating to come face to face with the snow capped mountains at such a close range. Among the myriad of the world’s highest mountains was Mt. Everest standing tall. The sight was truly captivating and it is hard to believe that people have set foot on top of the peak, as the pyramid shaped terrain looks really steep. Kudos to the brave souls, who take such big risks in life, just to accomplish something that is meaningful to them.

There are currently three airlines operating mountain flights daily from Kathmandu’s domestic airport and they are Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air and Guna Airlines. The price of a ticket for Nepalese and Indian nationals is about NRS 5,000.00 to NRS 6,000.00 per person, while for foreign nationals it is approximately $176.00. The flights operate all throughout the year, however, during the monsoons; the frequency is less as compared to the rest of the year. (During monsoons, an airline operates about 2 to 3 mountain flights a day due to unpredictable weather conditions, but the rest of the year 6 to 7 flights operate on a daily basis.)

For all those who are thinking of going on a mountain flight, I highly recommend it. Unless you are into extreme adventure, it’s probably the closest you can get to the Himalayas. Even for those who have already scaled the peaks, it is a completely different experience to get an aerial view of the entire mountain range. There are many people who report being so overwhelmed by the sight of the great Himalayas that it moves them to tears.

From my own experience, I will definitely give it two thumbs up. The cabin crew was exceptional and the airhostess was very courteous and helpful as she went from seat to seat to give the passengers information regarding some of the famous peaks. The flight duration was about an hour and I’d say it is good value for the money. I can confidently say that it’ll be an experience you won’t easily forget. Overall, I have no complaints and I simply loved every bit of the flight. I also want to add that it feels great to know we live in such a beautiful country. We really do have much to be proud of.

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