Three-Day Fuel Distribution By NOC Begins Wednesday

fuel distribution

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) will be distributing fuel to motorbikes and scooters for three days from Wednesday (January 20, 2016).

Fuel distribution will take place on January 20, 22 and 25 based on lot system through specified petrol stations.

According to a NOC Thankot depot chief Jagannath Ghimire, bikes and scooters of lot (1-30) will be distributed fuel on Jan 20, lot (31-50) on Jan 22, and lot (51-above) on Jan 25. Each bike will be given five liter of fuel from 9 o clock in the morning and it is mandatory to have their bluebook renewed in order to get the rationed fuel.

Meanwhile, the  state-owned oil supplier has decided to distribute fuel to taxis and cars bearing green registration number plates twice a week. The NOC had distributed fuel to private cars and jeeps a week ago.

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