“Waves Metamorphosing into Revelation” by Robin Pandey now available in Nepali!

Robin Pandey’s book titled “Waves Metamorphosing into Revelation”, published in the United States in March 2012, is now available in Nepali. The book was translated in Nepali by Suresh Bhattarai and is available to purchase in ebook version from Amazon.

Robin Pandey is the first Nepali born author to be published in the United States. His first book “Order and Justice” was published in Texas in the year 1996.

Born in Kathmandu Mr. Pandey came to the United States more than two decades ago. He holds and MBA degree from New York Institute of Technology. He is currently residing in Carrollton, Texas.

Book Description

संसारका सारा मानिसहरु वास्तविकता भन्दा माया जालमा बाचिरहेका छन| यसैले उनिहरु पीडित छन| कुनै ज्ञान अथवा विश्वाशले मुक्ती मिल्दैन| मिल्ने भए अस्सी लाख योगी र लाखौं पढे लेखेको मानिसहरु पीडित हुनु नपर्ने हो| किन सबै मानिसहरु पीडित छन त? चैन किन छैन? अरब पतिहरु पनि दुखी छन किनकी विचार अथवा ज्ञान अथवा सम्पतीले मुक्ती मिल्दैन|


“A unique and fascinating blend of science and poetic wisdom. Mr. Pandey’s collection of essays grant a glimpse of the illuminated mind. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.” Dr. Naila Malik

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