Yearly ‘Ma Pa Se’ Detainees Amounts to 91, 174

Traffic police detained a total of 91, 174 people since the start of the campaign against drink driving in December last year, according to the Traffic Police Headquarters, Kathmandu. Likewise, the detained paid a total of Rs 27 million in fines.


The campaign launched with the aim to minimize road accidents marked its one year on Sunday. Among those detained, 82,708 had paid the road and vehicle taxes on time.

“Though the hotel and hospitality industry is unhappy with the campaign, we will continue the campaign and make it more effective. Public safety is our first priority,” said Pawan Giri, the Traffic Police spokesman, in Kathmandu. He also said there has been a marked decrease in the number of road accidents since the launch of the campaign.

Police use breathalyzers and in its absence smell the mouth of motorists to determine if he/she has consumed alcohol.

“My husband used to come home drunk late at night because of so-called parties at his office. But nowadays he comes early in the evening as he fears police checks. I would like to thank the traffic police for the campaign, which has worked wonders for me and thousands of others. This has reduced accidents and people now feel safe on the street,” Sabita Thapa, a housewife in Kathmandu, said.

Those caught drink driving for the first time are fined Rs 1,000 and made to take an hour-long class on traffic rules. “We are not against drinking alcohol but a drunk person should not be behind the wheel,” said Giri.

Source: Republica

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