Alcohol Ban in Bihar Leads Indians to Nepal

alcohol ban in Bihar leads Indians To Flock To NepalFollowing a complete ban on liquor in the Indian state of Bihar, Indian nationals have started heading to bordering Nepali villages to consume alcohol.

New illegal huts have been constructed to serve local booze to the increasing number of Indians arriving Nepal.

New hotels have been setup in bordering Banjarha, Mathiya, Laxmipur, Mahadevpati, Brahmapuri, Bankul, Rampurkhap, Mansari and Nakatiya among others villages.

A local in Mahadevpati said that five hotels that sell alcohol had already been built there within a week’s time.

Likewise, Indian youths and government employees have started visiting different hotels in Gaur on weekend to consume alcohol.

According to a hotel operator in the district headquarters, the sale of alcohol has doubled since a week.



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